For customers

Your digital waiter

Easy and fast

You no longer have to wait to order your drinks and food. Choose what you want from the menu, add it to your order list and order it now. Make your payment easily however you want. You can track the status of your order on your phone every time.
You can also make reservations for your next visit!

Features of the Mesero app

order easily on your phone


You can log in to the application as a guest or as a user to order food and drinks, to make reservations and to use all of the features.

After logging in, you can select the restaurant and then you can see the menu.


You can create a user account for an even more pleasant user experience and additional features like saving your favourite dishes and restaurants.

Table code

After choosing the restaurant, you can scan the QR code on your table and order from the menu.

Alternatively, you can just scan the QR code on the table and you get seated to the table of the restaurant automatically.

Order from the menu

You can choose drinks and food from the menu and put it in your order list.

After that, you can can check your order in the order list and send the order to the kitchen.

Follow your order

Once you made your decision, you can send your order to the kitchen and you can always see the state of your order in the order list until it arrives at your table.


Before leaving the restaurant, you can see your account in detail and you can make your payment.

You can choose your payment type (credit card, cash or POS). If you choose cash or POS, the waiter will come to your table. To save some time, you can pay online with your credit card.

Call waiter

Sometimes you still need human service – no problem! You can call the waiter to your table whenever you need with one click.


With a user account, you also have the option to make reservation at restaurants. You only have to choose the date and the number of people and then you can send the request to restaurant.

You can always check the state of the reservation and you can see if the restaurant confirmed your request.


You don’t want to eat out in a restaurant today? With the takeaway option you can choose your articles from the menu and select the pick-up time and payment type.

Then, you only have to pick up your oder and enjoy it at home or wherever you want!