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Mesero takes you one step ahead with the advantages it offers to your restaurant and to your customers. By reducing the staff workload in your restaurant, you can aim to grow your business with less cost. Thanks to Mesero, you can increase your customer satisfaction.

Mesero restaurant panel

adjust to your desires


The dashboard shows the occupancy rate of your restaurant in real time and the all-time top selling dishes of your menu.


You can create your restaurant menu that will appear in the mobile application for your customers. You can categorize it and add your meals with details.

After that you can always edit your meals and categories and you can make price updates.

QR codes

You can make a list of your tables in your restaurant and name them. Table codes with the corresponding QR codes are automatically generated by the system. You can always edit or delete your tables or create new ones.

At the same time you can see the availability of the table and order status.

Item tags

You can create item tags that you can add to your dishes in the menu. So, you can inform your customers about about allergens or any other details.


You have an overview of every table and see the state of it. You can edit and cancel orders of the tables.

If the customer makes an order, calls a waiter or wants to pay, the table will start flashing and you will see a notification. Also, there will be a bell icon if the order is ready to serve.


You can see the orders with the details necessary for the kitchen. If a customer makes an order, it is sent immediately to the kitchen and it can get prepared.

You can also create different stations of your kitchen. So, every order can be sent to the correct station.


There is a list of the past orders from all-time. So, you can always see when, what and how much was ordered.


You can create discounts to your products. You can create new promotions and edit or delete existing ones. While defining new promotions, discounts can be applied to certain products as well as whole categories.


You can have an overview of reservation requests made by the customers. You can confirm or reject the requests.
There is also a reservation calendar where the confirmed reservations will appear. You can see the details and also if needed, reservations can be cancelled.


You can define different users to your restaurant. So, the kitchen staff could only see the kitchen tab and your service staff the tables. Also, you can make sure that no settings are changed accidentaly.


You can see a list with the takeaway orders and the name and phone number of the customer and the pickup time.

Certainly, the orders are also sent to the kitchen.


You want to offer discounted bundles? No problem: you can create them by selecting the items and setting a price.

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